Tallulah: Meeting My Foster Family

When I met my foster family,  my broken limb had just been re-set in a beautiful pink and glitter splint. I was still a bit sedated, staring off into the distance, drooling on the floor and very slowly swaying back and forth on my hind legs.

Once we got to the car, I easily and happily jumped into the backseat. I sat in my bed during the ride and spent my time looking out the window. I absolutely loved being on the highway. I couldn’t help but smile with the breeze on my face. On the side streets, I was not a fan of following the rules of the road. I began to whimper a little bit when we stopped at a red light or stop sign. I definitely enjoy speed!

When we got to my foster home, I was very curious. I went to every room I could and sniffed every corner. I ventured out for 3 mini-walks to check out the area and met some of my dog and people neighbors. I was so happy exploring the grass and checking out the area. I also met my two dog foster brothers, Buddy, a Pomeranian, and Champ, a pit bull/shepherd/boxer mix who also goes to work with my foster dad as a state police K9. We are all getting along well and enjoy each other’s company.

I noticed that people come and go through the front door quite frequently. I would sit and stare at the door or sit by the window for 10-15 minutes to see if they would come back. Everyone came back eventually, but I am curious to know where everyone goes.

At dinner time, I noticed my canine brothers do not have any manners. They will sit and stare at the dinner table waiting for a juicy morsel. However, I learned quickly where the treat cabinet is. Every time we go out and do our business, we get a treat. When we sit and stay we get a treat. Excellent, I have both of these down to a science.

I have been fighting sleep all day; there is just too much going on and so many new things to check out. I am starting to get tired so I am going to find a cozy place the rest. So far so good. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Good night!