Tallulah: Uh Oh

I was a naughty dog today. Not just a little naughty; Tasmanian Devil naughty. I peed on the floor in the afternoon and I was afraid to confess. My foster parents looked at all three of us dogs and said, “Who did it?” None of us answered. They figured out very quickly it was me. My two furry foster brothers lift their leg when they pee and not only soak the floor, but they get the baseboard and walls wet, too. Since I am a girl I squat and pee.  I made a perfect puddle. Don’t I deserve some credit?

Now that I am getting comfortable in my surroundings, I need to protect my home and the people I live with. Today, I saw a squirrel and I barked. I saw the leaves blowing on the trees, I barked. I saw cars, I barked. All of these things could totally be a threat. I am not sure anyone appreciated it but me. One of the neighbors called to ask if the dogs were ok because they noticed an unusual amount of barking. This definitely coincides with my mom’s new word: shhhhhhh. She puts her index finger to her mouth and says, “Shhhhhhhhh. Lula, shhhhhhh. No barking.” What is that about? I am alerting them to what is going on. I am protecting them. My fur brothers know this too. When I start barking, they both start barking. It is awesome.

Later in the afternoon, my foster mom and human sister went to volunteer at the animal shelter and to pick up my medicine. Once they were done, they went to my foster grandparents house for dinner. The rest of my family went too, except for me. I got put in my kennel. I actually walked into the kennel myself, no hesitation. To my surprise,   the door closed and locked behind me. It isn’t bedtime. What is going on? OMG they are leaving me! Ten minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, then an hour passed. Where are these people?! Outside of my kennel was an Ariel comforter from The Little Mermaid. I grabbed a piece of the comforter and pulled part of it though the bars on the kennel and into the cage. I tore that thing to shreds! I couldn’t help myself. I was scared, alone and I needed something to keep me occupied. My mind was racing. What if they forget me? What if they don’t come back? What will happen if I need to do my business and I can’t get out? I was scared. What I didn’t know is that mom was worrying about me, too. She was afraid that I would eat my cast if I got bored which meant I could choke. I would also need to go back to the vet to be re-casted.  My mom left dinner early and came home to me. Of course I was fine, but Ariel was not. She was in pieces all over the floor. Uh oh, what is going to happen to me? Mom and my human sister hugged me and took me outside. They weren’t even that mad or surprised; just grateful I didn’t eat my cast.

Sorry, mom. It was a hard day. I believe you when you say it will get better. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Seriously though, aren’t I fitting in nicely?

Lula Champ Buddy

Tallulah Day 3: We are all getting cozy!

I have been having a blast! Champ and I must have played on the floor for an hour yesterday. My foster mom kept saying, ‘No!’ ‘Stop that!’ You’re going to get hurt!’ Watch out for the cast!’ but I didn’t care. We rolled around, played with toys, jumped over tables and couches and shared a treat together. Buddy sat on the edge of the couch and watched us like we were crazy the whole time. He is much smaller, he may be afraid Champ and I would mistake him for a squeaky toy.

Champ left for work with my foster dad late morning so Buddy and I took a nap. Mom changed the sock over my cast and it didn’t seem to bother me. I also had a treat to keep me busy.

If my family doesn’t ask me if I need to go out when I need to, I start talking so they start  asking me questions. When they ask if I want to got out, I cue the loud voice and bark. That has been working well.

In the afternoon, I jumped onto mom and dad’s bed. No one shooed me off. I think I heard something like, “How did she get up there with a broken leg?” They looked at me and didn’t say a thing. Having a broken leg is definitely an advantage. Who would tell a dog to get off the bed with a broken leg? Definitely not these people.

I go to my kennel for bed at 9 pm every night and I wake up between 6-7 am. When I wake up, I start talking to let everyone know that I want out ASAP. I bounce out of the kennel with lots of energy and I make my rounds throughout the house to say good morning to everyone I can find. I then have my breakfast followed by my medicine. This is becoming a familiar routine and it isn’t so bad. I just don’t understand why people do not have the energy I have!

Another thing I have learned: I cannot sneak up on anyone. I have heard more than a few times, ‘Here comes Lula in her high heels.’ The cast needs to go.

Have a great day! I am sharing a photo of me on mom and dad’s bed.

Lula 11





Tallulah: Day 2

Last night I slept in a crate. I whimpered a little bit as I fell asleep but I closed my eyes and began snoozing within 10 minutes. My human foster sister slept next to me on her bed so I wouldn’t be scared.

I woke up at 4 am when my foster dad got home from work but I stayed in my kennel and rested comfortably until 6:30 am, and then I was up for the day! I had my medicine, ate my food and went out to do my business.

We took some more short walks today. I am going to be a fantastic walking companion once I am completely healed. I am very relaxed when I walk and I don’t pull, but I do tend move a little faster when I see or smell something that interests me. As I strolled by the other dogs in the neighborhood, I gave them a friendly bark and let them know that if I could break free from the leash, I would totally play and roll around in the grass with them. I think my foster mom would freak out if I tried to escape! We had a great time on our walk and I am happy my foster brother Buddy joined me.

Lula 10

My foster mom discovered that I actually talk. When I am lounging in my bed I will stretch or roll over and just chat away. I also do this when I am sleeping. This is a very charming part of my character. 🙂

I am beginning to settle in nicely. I am not fighting sleep as much and I discovered that the big couch is a great place to rest my sore leg and sweet little face (no, seriously, I am that cute!). I have more interest in my toys and food than I did yesterday and I am resting more in my bed than the floor when I am out of the kennel.

Following my dog foster brothers, I am great about letting my foster family know when I need to go potty. I am thoroughly enjoying my medications wrapped in cream cheese and roast beef. Mmmmm, sooooo good!

I do miss my furry friends at the shelter, especially that sweet old pug, but I am adjusting well in my new home. It is a busy place and we are all enjoying each other quite a bit.

Off to bed! Here are some more pictures from today!


Tallulah: Meeting My Foster Family

When I met my foster family,  my broken limb had just been re-set in a beautiful pink and glitter splint. I was still a bit sedated, staring off into the distance, drooling on the floor and very slowly swaying back and forth on my hind legs.

Once we got to the car, I easily and happily jumped into the backseat. I sat in my bed during the ride and spent my time looking out the window. I absolutely loved being on the highway. I couldn’t help but smile with the breeze on my face. On the side streets, I was not a fan of following the rules of the road. I began to whimper a little bit when we stopped at a red light or stop sign. I definitely enjoy speed!

When we got to my foster home, I was very curious. I went to every room I could and sniffed every corner. I ventured out for 3 mini-walks to check out the area and met some of my dog and people neighbors. I was so happy exploring the grass and checking out the area. I also met my two dog foster brothers, Buddy, a Pomeranian, and Champ, a pit bull/shepherd/boxer mix who also goes to work with my foster dad as a state police K9. We are all getting along well and enjoy each other’s company.

I noticed that people come and go through the front door quite frequently. I would sit and stare at the door or sit by the window for 10-15 minutes to see if they would come back. Everyone came back eventually, but I am curious to know where everyone goes.

At dinner time, I noticed my canine brothers do not have any manners. They will sit and stare at the dinner table waiting for a juicy morsel. However, I learned quickly where the treat cabinet is. Every time we go out and do our business, we get a treat. When we sit and stay we get a treat. Excellent, I have both of these down to a science.

I have been fighting sleep all day; there is just too much going on and so many new things to check out. I am starting to get tired so I am going to find a cozy place the rest. So far so good. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Good night!