Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello! I am so sorry I have been so to blog lately. My foster mom has been doing some traveling for both business and pleasure so she has not been around too much to help me. I never remember the password to the website and my paws do not lend themselves to accurate keyboarding. But look, here I am tonight! Woo hoo!

On September 30th, we celebrated Brady’s birthday. Buddy and I got a few nibbles of his ice cream cake which was absolutely delicious. Thank you Dairy Queen! Brady made a wish before blowing out his candles and then opened his presents. Unfortunately, he did not get the Dodge Charger, Porsche Cayenne or Ferrari he wanted, but he did get gas money which means more rides in the car for me.

Happy Birthday, Brady!


Guess who celebrated their birthday next? I will give you a hint. It was on Friday, October 5th. This sweet, charming individual has velvety soft brown ears, beautiful white and brown fur and a cast on her front right leg. Did you guess it yet? It was me!  I celebrated my 3rd birthday with my family. It was so much fun!

My family surprised me with a pupcake and presents!

Now it was my turn to make a wish before blowing out the candles. I closed my eyes, made a wish and quickly ran away. I was definitely sensing danger around that fire so mom blew out the candles for me.


Once the fire was out, I dove right into my birthday cake.


As I was devouring some of the cake, mom took it away and put it on the table. She didn’t want me to get sick and it was time for presents! I got so much! Toys, cookies and marrow bones with peanut butter. Yummy! I wanted everything at once!


There was so much going on and every moment was fabulous. Once the evening started winding down I was getting tired. I took my toys and jumped up onto my favorite spot on the couch. I was playing with my toys, eyes closed and thinking about my birthday wish.

As I was resting my eyes, I heard my family talking about Uncle David. I never met Uncle David, but I heard them say he passed away on May 17th. Uncle David sounded like a really cool guy and her loved animals. He had horses, goats, chickens and fish. All of Uncle David’s animals loved him as much as he loved them. Building barns was his passion and each barn he crafted was built to keep every animal safe and provide them their very own home. The morning Uncle David died, my foster mom, dad and sister went down to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk to make a donation in his name by purchasing a brick paver with a special note about him: In loving memory of Uncle David, love your pet friends and Calley xo.  Today, October 5th was not only my birthday, it was Uncle David’s, too. I started to think that maybe he brought us all together…


Happy birthday to me, Uncle David and all of you born on October 5th. May all your birthday wishes come true, I can’t tell you my wish but I bet you can guess…


Now that I am 3 years old, I know I am going to find my new family soon!

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah xoxoxox

Catching Up

Today is the first day of fall. Dr. Nick even gave me a yellow Happy Fall cast this week with a pumpkin and leaves to celebrate. You won’t be able to see the leaves on my cast because I helped to pull them off already. They were just so pretty I couldn’t help myself.


I noticed the leaves on the trees have already started changing their colors and the temperatures have been much cooler during the evenings.  I go to sleep every night on the bed with my mom, dad and my brother, Buddy. By morning, I am cuddled up tightly to someone nearest to me because I love to be toasty warm. When my mom gets out of bed in the morning she takes the blanket and tucks me in tightly. Sometimes I will even squeeze my head under the blanket because it is just so cozy.

With summer rapidly changing to fall I have noticed that I have changed a little bit, too.

As you already know, I love to go for walks and I enjoy barking at just about anything that moves with every step I take; especially other dogs and people. I am proud to say that I have grown a little bit. Now when I walk, I can see another dog, quickly say hello and walk right by. I avoid wanting to run right over and getting into their personal space. I am doing so much better using my gentle leader than regular collar. It helps to keep me focused and more relaxed. I also got some extra help and support when I visited Roberta and Kim at AWS last week. They are fantastic trainers and I really enjoy hanging out with them! They always give me great advice that I work hard to follow. Slowly but surely I am making so great progress that both Roberta and Kim noticed. Yay me! Mom even told me that she is going to take me to the dog park because I have been doing such a great job!

I started having a few accidents in the house a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure I understood that when I went outside I was actually supposed to always do my business. I would go out and have my play time and forget to do my business so I thought the dining room would be a great place to go. That didn’t work out so well. Now when I hear someone say, “Want to go out?” I do my business first and then play. If I am in the house and I need to go outside I will stand by the back door and bark or I will start talking (you can see what that looks like below) to someone to let them know. There are many times that I just talk to have conversation. It is my very most favorite way to communicate and definitely part of my charm. Want to see me strike up a conversation? Check it out here. 

Another positive change is that I have become very comfortable in my kennel. I don’t get anxious anymore or try to pull things in my crate to chew on. I am only in my kennel when I am home alone or unless I choose to go in on my own. I am doing awesome! I usually sleep or chew on my marrow bone that gets filled with cheese or peanut butter when I am in my kennel. Side note, I love marrow bones!  They keep me busy and they taste so good! Now, there are some occasions when I will go into one of the bedrooms on the second floor so I can watch, and bark, at everything that goes on outside. Admittedly, I can get carried away. If I see mom come up in the middle of my barking fit, I jump off the bed and walk into my kennel all by myself. Mom does not have to say a word. When mom leaves I walk back out of the kennel on my own much less enthusiastic about barking.

I still bark and get excited when people come to the door and that might not change. How do I know that person (or people) is not a threat to my family?! I am also good at taking cues from my 4 legged brothers. If I hear them start to bark I will follow them to make sure they are safe and they don’t need my help. No one seems to mind if I bark for that reason. I am also a little leery of people who wear baseball hats. My brother came in with one on the other day and it made me nervous until he took it off. Once I was sure it was him, I was fine.

If you have been following my blog, you may notice that I am a few pounds heavier. My belly is definitely a little rounder and my body a wee be bigger. No need for doggie Weight Watchers just yet.  Remember,  I can only take short walks with this broken leg and it’s not my fault I enjoy food so much. Mom caught me sneaking the left over food out of my brother’s bowl so now she always watches us eat. She doesn’t think I notice but I sure do. We both know that when Buddy stops eating that one of us is going to get to that bowl faster than the other. Most of the time mom swoops in as fast as lightening to gets that bowl quickly off the floor. Dang.  It has became our game. The other night Champ jumped on the counter (he is bigger than me and Buddy) on got an entire cooked chicken, bones and all. Holy cow. It was amazing. I am disappointed he didn’t share but his moves were awe inspiring.  I didn’t tattle on Champ but I knew he was in trouble when I heard dad say, “Where did the chicken go?” The dish on the floor gave him away. Buddy and I were minding our own business  (we really were!)  in the family room and Champ was sitting in the kitchen like he had no clue what was going on. Yeah, right. I am so glad I wasn’t involved in stealing an entire chicken. Never mind the fact that my stomach would probably feel pretty sick. Champ has a stomach of steel. I was watched him rip apart a red rubber toy and I swear he had ingested half of it. He was completely fine; except for red, rubbery poop in the yard. Gross.

Another exciting change, I may be getting my cast off for good in two weeks. Woo hoo! I am hoping that everything continues to heal properly so I can get this thing off my leg. Sometimes I like to chew on it, right through the sock.

I also wanted to share that I have met some potential families in the running to become my forever home. I even have an appointment at 3p today. I will be on my very best behavior. I am going to ask mom to brush me and wash me so I look and smell pretty. I am also going to demonstrate my exceptional manners.

On October 5th I will celebrate my 3rd birthday. Do you think I will  be fortunate enough to get a forever home for my birthday? What an exciting possibility! Oh goodness!!

There are so many wonderful and exciting things happening. I am learning, healing and a few steps closer to finding my forever home.

I don’t have to dream anymore. My reality is not far away.


Hugs and kisses, Tallulah  xoxoxox

Thank you for the love

As soon as I woke up yesterday Cody (my foster brother) came over to pick me up and take me to my biweekly leg check up at the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic.  You might think that I dread going to the clinic but I actually don’t mind it at all.  I know that every visit I have with Dr. Nick and the AWS clinic team gets me one more step closer to a recovery and getting this cast off of my leg. Of course it is always a bonus to see all of AWS friends!

To give you a little bit of background, the fracture to my leg eight weeks ago was very significant. It was described to me as the equivalent to a human breaking every bone their ankle. Needless to say, it hurt. I was scared and in pain and had no idea what to expect next. I just wanted to feel better.

Eventually my pain was under control but getting used to having a cast on my leg was not easy. I did not like it at all. I made it my mission to try and chew it off every opportunity I got. Although I am becoming more accustomed to my stiff, plastic appendage that makes it impossible for me to sneak up on anybody, it sometimes get so itchy that I can’t help but thinking about gnawing the cast right off my leg.  Then I come to the realization that a bowel obstruction would not be worth it.

My appointment with Dr. Nick yesterday was much like the others but so much better. As usual,  I received sedation to help keep my pain under control and to make sure that I remain still for my x-ray.  Sedation is also helpful if repositioning if the limb is needed to promote better healing before the cast is reapplied.  Dr. Nick is also able to examine my skin and fur thoroughly to evaluate if any skin ulcers have developed. He will also assess for adequate circulation and evaluate for any evidence muscle atrophy.

Cody picked me up from my visit when I was done and then brought me to see mom at work. That was a treat! Although I was still a bit groggy I remember getting a lots of attention and  I had at least five people sign my cast. I  was able to do a few short walks around the block as I became more awake. While I was chewing on the new bone (I got for good behavior at my appointment) mom noticed a voicemail on her phone from Dr. Nick which was the highlight of my day.  Dr. Nick that said he is very pleased with how my fractures are healing. He also went on to say that I only have to have my cast on for four more weeks! Woo hoo! Dr. Nick also mentioned that I developed a little skin sore but that should resolve easily with the extra padding that was added inside the cast. I am almost free!


As I continue to recover, I often think about every person who has helped me heal.  I am most grateful for the AWS team who has supported me and cheered me on every step of the way. I have not only received exceptional veterinary care to heal my physical wounds but I have also been given an extraordinary amount of  love and compassion to heal emotionally as well. Thank you AWS for your for all you have done for me. Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am. I love it when mom shows me all of your pictures on the AWS website and Facebook page. Even when I find my forever home, I will never ever forget you or your love and support. You will be in my heart, always.

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah xoxoxox






Summer Turns to Fall

Despite the hot and humid weather outside it is almost officially fall. The sun is going down earlier. The leaves are starting to change color and nights are cooler. It also means the beginning of football season. Football seems to be a really big deal in my house which is making it exciting for me, too.

My foster family is from the Boston area so naturally they are fans of the New England Patriots. I have been watching enough Sports Center that I am convinced I could help coach the team. One football fact that I learned today is that the New England  Patriots became Super Bowl Champions in 2001 for the  first time ever. Wow. The underdogs got it done!

As much as my foster family loves the Patriots, they love Thornton Academy football even more. Thornton Academy is the high school here in Saco, Maine where my older foster brothers graduated from in 2012 and my other two siblings are still attending. Cody and Kyle were both defensive backs on TAs football team from the beginning of their high school career until their graduation. Brady is a junior this year and has been the kicker on TAs football team since his freshman year. This kid loves kicking.  Even with four legs and I couldn’t kick as much as he does.  Brady told me that when he was 10 years old Santa Claus gave him field goal post made and put it up in the yard.  My family provided photographic evidence that he kicked throughout all four seasons until his leg got so strong he had the distance to hit cars on the street just through the wood line. He  would actually snow blow the lawn in the dead of winter in freezing cold weather so he could kick.  I promise not to pee on the goal post anymore. Sorry, Brady.


Look at him now.


I am now officially a fan myself! Go TA!



Let’s go Thornton Academy! Bring home the state championship! I don’ think I want to leave my foster family until football season is over, it is too exciting!  Look for me on TA TV!

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah  xoxoxox





I don’t mean to brag…

I saved my family from a rabid hedgehog today. I ripped out each eye and severed part of its nose so quickly I was able to neutralize the threat in less than 10 seconds. I then yanked out some hair and then ripped out some stuffing. Stuffing?! Oh no what did I do?!


It looks like a hedgehog and feels like my toys and you mean to tell me this is a slipper?! Come on!  I swear on a stack of Bark magazines that I had no idea. There was not the slightest odor of athlete’s foot that I could detect. This is more like of a setup if you ask me. I am going to try and use the art of distraction before mom and dad get home. I am going to put my toys away, make my bed and have a glass of wine waiting by the door when mom gets home. I am pretty sure the kids will cover for me, too. Cross your paws for me!

I may not have been able to recognize an immediate threat from a slipper, but I do have a very cool furry, four-legged dog aunt named Lexi who can help me so I don’t make that same mistake again.

Lexi is a 2.5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who lives with my foster grandparents. She has to be the most well trained dog that I know. Lexi can do the ordinary sit, stay and rollover but she can also do things like sit pretty, jump through hula hoops and spin around. She is also beginning to work on ‘freestyle’ which is kind of like a dance routine for dogs. I am still working on stay and fetch.

Watching this canine freestyle video gave me a lot of encouragement to step up my game. Challenge accepted.

One of the reasons that Lexi has such a strong skillset is because she is going to become a certified therapy dog through the Pets and People Foundation. The therapy dog program is really tough but Lexi passed all phases of her testing (over a period of a few months) with flying colors! Congratulations, Lexi! She will be fully certified once she completes her 10 therapy designated visits.

In order for Lexi to meet her 10 required therapy visits to become fully certified, Lexi is going the library a few times a month to hear stories that are read to her by elementary school kiddos. Lexi gets to snuggle up to her reader and the kiddos get to improve their reading skills in a really fun way. Did you book your appointment yet?

Lula 40Here is my foster grandma (Mema) and Lexi at the library.

Lula 39

Lexi is also certified as Canine Good Citizen which is the absolute gold standard for behavior in dogs. Clearly we are from the same family (and I am certain she also ate her fair share of window screens and slippers!). She even gets a red vest to show how hard she worked.

Lula 42

Lexi is pretty awesome. I am hoping she is going to share some of her tips on learning new tricks with me. If Lexi helps me, I can show her my trick of getting food off of the counter when no one is looking. Cinnamon rolls are the best. I try to get those when they are warm!

If you would like to learn more about the differences between emotional support dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs, click here. 

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah xoxoxox

Left behind for Kenny Chesney?!

On Saturday, my mom left me with dad and the teenagers so she could go to a Kenny Chesney concert with her family and friends. What.the.heck. It isn’t that mom left me overnight; I am finally getting used to my family coming and that isn’t such a big deal anymore.  However, there is no forgiveness for not taking me to see Kenny. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Kenny is a big time dog lover and I know for certain he would let me into his show. For free.

Here is mom at the concert (on the far left) with my aunt, uncle, grandmom and great aunt:


If you didn’t already know, Kenny is a really big supporter of dogs like me. Dogs who need a little bit of help to find a safe place to stay while waiting for their forever home. Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane with winds peaking at 180 mph, tore through the northeastern Carribbean and the Florida Keys on August 30th, 2017. In its direct path was Kenny’s home on St. John. A home that was built using the best architects and strongest materials available to stand up to a raging storm like this one.   Without question, the wrath of Irma was going to put it to the test. As Irma was preparing to unleash her fury, Kenny invited his friends and their furry family members who were stranded on the island to take shelter in his home.

The house was destroyed but everyone in it was safe, including the animals. Many blessings to count that day.

The devastation was unimaginable. As the damage was being assessed over the next few weeks, Kenny and his assistant took notice of the amount of homeless animals wandering the island separated from their families without food or shelter and unable to survive on their own. Kenny and his team are responsible for providing resources to get these animals off of the island and into their forever homes by establishing the Love for Love City Foundation. You can read more about Kenny and his work here.

I can closely relate to the dogs of St. John and the other ravaged islands. I was a stray before I got to the shelter. I had no home and no one to share my life.  Without the love, care and support from all of the wonderful people at the Animal Welfare Society I might be alone, scared and hungry. I would not have anyone to snuggle with or to teach me tricks. I might miss out  scraps of table food as they hit the floor or chasing squirrels in the yard. I would not have anyone to walk alongside or to share my feelings with. I would not have been able to go to the doggie walk-up window for ice cream or going for car rides. I definitely would not have as many wonderful human and four-legged friends as I do now. It is hard to think about sometimes. Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones on my journey to find my forever home. I am almost there!

Kenny may not know this, but he also gave me my own personal anthem; Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. It is going to be alright. I have a safe and happy future ahead!

Thank you Kenny for helping dogs like me! Next time, could you throw me a ticket?

Love, Tallulah 🐾

Lula 36

Tallulah: Good news!

Monday morning I went to the Animal Welfare Society Community Veterinary Clinic to see how my leg was healing. During my visit, I had an X-ray and a new cast put on under sedation. My pink and glitter cast has now been replaced by an awesome purple All-Star cast.  I love it!  I am going to see if I can get some people to sign it for me! The best part of the visit for me was to hear that my fractures are healing well. My weekly cast changes have been extended to every two weeks. Woo hoo! I came home to celebrate with a big, delicious bone once I was more awake and was not drooling anymore.

Lula 33

I have been out and about going to different places and meeting new people. My twin brothers even took me to see mom at work. I got to go for a nice car ride into Portland sniffing out the window the entire way. I met some really nice people and dogs, too! I heard lots of different noises; sirens, big construction trucks and even the Life Flight helicopters. I really enjoyed my visit. The only thing I missed out on were treats. Mom doesn’t always keep them in her purse.

Here is a picture of me visiting mom with my brothers.

Lula 35

I find that I am doing really well at getting into a routine. I am becoming more familiar with my family’s schedules so I have an idea of when to expect them home so it is not has stressful and anxiety provoking as it used to be. I am not staring our the door or window for long periods and I don’t bark as much after people leave. Buddy is a great companion for me and he keeps me on track. I really do not like being by myself. I am really happy to have that pudgy, 13 year old ball of fur with me everyday. I probably should stop stealing the bones he hides in the couch, closet and laundry room and then chewing them up before he finds me. Thank you, Buddy for being such a great friend even when I eat your food and try to pee on you outside.


I have had a fun and relaxing week. The only thing I am not crazy about are rainy days. I almost have to be dragged out of the house to do my business; literally!

Please don’t forget that the annual AWS Strut your Mutt is being held on Sunday, September 9th.

All of the funds raised from this event go toward veterinary care for dogs like me. Pretty cool. Buddy and I will be both be participating and we hope to see you and your dog(s) there, too! Word on the street is that Blake and Eva from Coast 93.1 will also be hanging out with us all morning while they broadcast their show live. Sweet! What could be better than that?!

I want to send out a big thank you for following my blog and cheering me on as I continue to search for my forever home. I love it when mom reads me your messages.

Have a great night everyone! Love, Tallulah xoxoxo

Lula 31