Tallulah: Good news!

Monday morning I went to the Animal Welfare Society Community Veterinary Clinic to see how my leg was healing. During my visit, I had an X-ray and a new cast put on under sedation. My pink and glitter cast has now been replaced by an awesome purple All-Star cast.  I love it!  I am going to see if I can get some people to sign it for me! The best part of the visit for me was to hear that my fractures are healing well. My weekly cast changes have been extended to every two weeks. Woo hoo! I came home to celebrate with a big, delicious bone once I was more awake and was not drooling anymore.

Lula 33

I have been out and about going to different places and meeting new people. My twin brothers even took me to see mom at work. I got to go for a nice car ride into Portland sniffing out the window the entire way. I met some really nice people and dogs, too! I heard lots of different noises; sirens, big construction trucks and even the Life Flight helicopters. I really enjoyed my visit. The only thing I missed out on were treats. Mom doesn’t always keep them in her purse.

Here is a picture of me visiting mom with my brothers.

Lula 35

I find that I am doing really well at getting into a routine. I am becoming more familiar with my family’s schedules so I have an idea of when to expect them home so it is not has stressful and anxiety provoking as it used to be. I am not staring our the door or window for long periods and I don’t bark as much after people leave. Buddy is a great companion for me and he keeps me on track. I really do not like being by myself. I am really happy to have that pudgy, 13 year old ball of fur with me everyday. I probably should stop stealing the bones he hides in the couch, closet and laundry room and then chewing them up before he finds me. Thank you, Buddy for being such a great friend even when I eat your food and try to pee on you outside.


I have had a fun and relaxing week. The only thing I am not crazy about are rainy days. I almost have to be dragged out of the house to do my business; literally!

Please don’t forget that the annual AWS Strut your Mutt is being held on Sunday, September 9th.

All of the funds raised from this event go toward veterinary care for dogs like me. Pretty cool. Buddy and I will be both be participating and we hope to see you and your dog(s) there, too! Word on the street is that Blake and Eva from Coast 93.1 will also be hanging out with us all morning while they broadcast their show live. Sweet! What could be better than that?!

I want to send out a big thank you for following my blog and cheering me on as I continue to search for my forever home. I love it when mom reads me your messages.

Have a great night everyone! Love, Tallulah xoxoxo

Lula 31

Tallulah: A busy weekend

I had a very busy weekend and I am so excited to share it with you!

On Saturday afternoon, I went to Woofstock at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk. If you are wondering was Woofstock is, it the canine version of the 1969 Woodstock. I was definitely not around back then but from the tie dye t-shirts and bandanas, the music, the food and the people, I bet it was an awesome time. One key difference is that all of the money raised at Woofstock goes to helping animals at the shelter. Just like me. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you that donated your time and resources to make the day so successful. I so happy to witness some of my friends getting adopted and driving away to their forever homes.  I just know in my heart that my forever home is waiting for me, too.

I arrived to Woofstock a few minutes before it ended. When I get into larger crowds in makes me a bit anxious and dad knew the crowds would be thinning out by then. Still, I barked like crazy at every dog and person I saw. I was pulling on my leash wanting to go everywhere because I was so excited.  Honestly, I probably should have had my gentle leader harness on because I do not pull nearly as much.

Once I went inside, I went right to the room where my foster parents picked me up. This is also the same location where I graduated from obedience training. I stood outside that door waiting for them to let me in. I waited and waited and waited some more. My mom noticed that I really wanted to be in that room. She looked into the room for me and then whispered that there was a class going on so I couldn’t go in. That made me sad.

As soon as I turned around I saw so many of the people who took such good care of me at the shelter.  Everyone kept calling my name and asking me how I was feeling. I can’t believe they remember me!  I got so many pats and rubs that felt sooooo good. I loved it!

Before long, it was time to go and we headed back home. I was so tired that I snuggled up with Buddy and slept.

Lula 29

Early Sunday morning mom told me I was going to have a special visitor. Sweet! I ate my breakfast and went outside for a walk. I was ready for the day. I perched in my usual spot waiting for dogs and people to go by. Out of the corner of my eye one of my neighbors was walking a Great Dane friend of mine. I was so excited I jumped onto the window and torn open the screen. Oh no! What did I do?!?! Mom saw what happened and sent me upstairs. I couldn’t help it. I don’t know how not to be so excited. I just wanted to say and hello and play. I didn’t mean to break the screen. I came back down on my own after a few minutes and all was forgiven. I am really going to try harder. I promise. Mom closed the windows more to keep both me and the screens safe. FYI, dad has no idea about the screen yet. Let’s see if he reads my blog before mom has the screen repaired at ACE Hardware in Scarborough 😁.

My special friend finally arrived at noon and she was so nice. We went for a walk around my neighborhood with Buddy. My mom shared my story as we walked. My special friend told me that I look like her previous dog that she misses so much. I even saw her sad tears when she was talking about her dog which made me feel sad. Thank you, special friend, for sharing your day and the story of your fur baby with me. I have no doubt that he loved you, too. More than you could ever know.

The yuckiest part about this weekend is that mom told me that I am heading back to the shelter tomorrow to have my cast changed. Ugh. I will be there a while because it is a procedure requiring sedation. At least it won’t hurt too badly. Lately, I have noticed that it is a bit easier to walk this week so I just know I am getting better!

Sweet dreams.

Lula 27

Night, night! Tallulah xoxoxo





Tallulah: Ice Cream!

I had such an awesome day today! When mom got home from work she told Buddy and I to get into the car because she had a surprise for us. We jumped in, rolled down the windows and off we went. I stuck my face out the window and enjoyed the breeze on my face. As we slowed for a red light, there was a couple on a motorcycle in the lane next to us. I decided to say hello with a few deep barks. The lady riding on the back of the motorcycle got scared and jumped – a lot. I was in trouble. After a few words of wisdom from mom like, “No! Don’t do that!” and “Have some manners!” the light turned green and we were off again.

When we reached our destination, Buddy and I jumped out of the car, attached to our leashes. As we got a little closer, this is what I saw:

Lula 19

Ice cream? Walk up window? OMG!! Is this for real? Am I dreaming?

I ran to the window to order, broken leg and all. Buddy is apparently familiar with ordering ice cream because he was practically through the window before I even got there.

Lula 22

Buddy and I placed our orders of vanilla ice cream with a crunchy dog biscuit on top. I barked a few times which was the cue to hurry it up.

Lula 21

A little faster please. Do I need to come in there and make it myself?! My belly is waiting…

Lula 25

It seemed like forever before the dish of deliciousness came out of the window. Finally. Heaven.

Lula 23

Every single bite was amazing. While I was inhaling this sweet treat I realized that I was unfamiliar will some of the noises I was hearing. There was a lot of traffic on the main road with horns beeping, loud cars and motorcycles whizzing by. When I heard the sounds I wasn’t familiar with, I would pick up my entire dish and bring it to another spot on the grass. I couldn’t trust anyone not to steal it from me.

Watch Tallulah pick up her dish and run here!

I gave Buddy a little growl when he got too close to my ice cream. Personal space, little man. You have your own!

I would give The Saco Scoop and their team 5 stars if us dogs were allowed Yelp accounts (a wee bit ironic that dogs can’t have a Yelp account?).  Not  only does the Saco Scoop have great service, the grassy area with benches is perfect. They even have water dishes for us!

I think the AWS needs to get one of those canine vans to bring my friends down here. They would love it!

Today was definitely fun and memorable. I thought I was excited yesterday when I discovered the cherry tomato plant in the garden and ate almost every single small, juicy cherry tomato right off the branches. This was so much better.

Potential adoptive families take note: I love ice cream.

Lula 24

Hugs and kisses,  Tallulah

Tallulah: A Rainy Day

I woke up this morning to an overcast sky and rain quietly tapping on the window. I looked up at Calley and she was looking back at me. She reached down and opened my kennel and I slowly climbed onto her bed and snuggled into the blankets.

I am starting to get use to the bedtime and morning routine. When I hear, “Time to go to bed”, I go outside to do my business and then I go into my kennel. When I wake up, I am usually the first one to open my eyes in the morning. I lay there and sometimes chew on my blanket or toys until I hear footsteps. This is my cue to starting making noise to let them know I am awake, too.

When I go outside in the rain, I have to wear a water resistant bag over my cast so that it remains dry. This doesn’t really bother me too much; it is quick and I get treats. Sometimes my leg is a little bit sore when the sock that goes over my cast is changed. Mom does this every other day with Calley’s help. Calley keeps me occupied by talking to me and petting me. She also gives me a Denta Stick because it takes longer to chew which means there is enough time to take off the old sock and put on the new one. Thankfully, I also get my pain medicine before they change my sock. Hopefully these bones will heal soon so I can be done with all of it.

There was more napping than walking today because of the weather. Buddy and I napped on the couch together and Champ spent his time in the enclosed outdoor area. As soon as Champ came in I was excited to play! We gave each other our best play bows to communicate that we were ready to get into some shenanigans. We rolled around on the floor and chased each other around tables. I suddenly let out a brief yelp and Champ immediately backed away. Neither of us know exactly what happened. Champ is bigger  and much stronger. I was stunned but no injury to report.

I got to watch Animal Planet today and mom snuck me a small piece of chicken from the dinner table which was great. I am not sure why I don’t get to eat table food for every meal. When mom cooked the ground beef to make chop suey it smelled so good. I stood up with my front paws on the counter and started to lick the air. Not sure I got to taste much but it was worth it.

Today was a quiet day and likely the most relaxed I have been since coming into my foster home.

Click here for a video of two bulldogs that will make you smile.

That chicken was gooooood.

Lula 12



Tallulah: Uh Oh

I was a naughty dog today. Not just a little naughty; Tasmanian Devil naughty. I peed on the floor in the afternoon and I was afraid to confess. My foster parents looked at all three of us dogs and said, “Who did it?” None of us answered. They figured out very quickly it was me. My two furry foster brothers lift their leg when they pee and not only soak the floor, but they get the baseboard and walls wet, too. Since I am a girl I squat and pee.  I made a perfect puddle. Don’t I deserve some credit?

Now that I am getting comfortable in my surroundings, I need to protect my home and the people I live with. Today, I saw a squirrel and I barked. I saw the leaves blowing on the trees, I barked. I saw cars, I barked. All of these things could totally be a threat. I am not sure anyone appreciated it but me. One of the neighbors called to ask if the dogs were ok because they noticed an unusual amount of barking. This definitely coincides with my mom’s new word: shhhhhhh. She puts her index finger to her mouth and says, “Shhhhhhhhh. Lula, shhhhhhh. No barking.” What is that about? I am alerting them to what is going on. I am protecting them. My fur brothers know this too. When I start barking, they both start barking. It is awesome.

Later in the afternoon, my foster mom and human sister went to volunteer at the animal shelter and to pick up my medicine. Once they were done, they went to my foster grandparents house for dinner. The rest of my family went too, except for me. I got put in my kennel. I actually walked into the kennel myself, no hesitation. To my surprise,   the door closed and locked behind me. It isn’t bedtime. What is going on? OMG they are leaving me! Ten minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, then an hour passed. Where are these people?! Outside of my kennel was an Ariel comforter from The Little Mermaid. I grabbed a piece of the comforter and pulled part of it though the bars on the kennel and into the cage. I tore that thing to shreds! I couldn’t help myself. I was scared, alone and I needed something to keep me occupied. My mind was racing. What if they forget me? What if they don’t come back? What will happen if I need to do my business and I can’t get out? I was scared. What I didn’t know is that mom was worrying about me, too. She was afraid that I would eat my cast if I got bored which meant I could choke. I would also need to go back to the vet to be re-casted.  My mom left dinner early and came home to me. Of course I was fine, but Ariel was not. She was in pieces all over the floor. Uh oh, what is going to happen to me? Mom and my human sister hugged me and took me outside. They weren’t even that mad or surprised; just grateful I didn’t eat my cast.

Sorry, mom. It was a hard day. I believe you when you say it will get better. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Seriously though, aren’t I fitting in nicely?

Lula Champ Buddy

Tallulah Day 3: We are all getting cozy!

I have been having a blast! Champ and I must have played on the floor for an hour yesterday. My foster mom kept saying, ‘No!’ ‘Stop that!’ You’re going to get hurt!’ Watch out for the cast!’ but I didn’t care. We rolled around, played with toys, jumped over tables and couches and shared a treat together. Buddy sat on the edge of the couch and watched us like we were crazy the whole time. He is much smaller, he may be afraid Champ and I would mistake him for a squeaky toy.

Champ left for work with my foster dad late morning so Buddy and I took a nap. Mom changed the sock over my cast and it didn’t seem to bother me. I also had a treat to keep me busy.

If my family doesn’t ask me if I need to go out when I need to, I start talking so they start  asking me questions. When they ask if I want to got out, I cue the loud voice and bark. That has been working well.

In the afternoon, I jumped onto mom and dad’s bed. No one shooed me off. I think I heard something like, “How did she get up there with a broken leg?” They looked at me and didn’t say a thing. Having a broken leg is definitely an advantage. Who would tell a dog to get off the bed with a broken leg? Definitely not these people.

I go to my kennel for bed at 9 pm every night and I wake up between 6-7 am. When I wake up, I start talking to let everyone know that I want out ASAP. I bounce out of the kennel with lots of energy and I make my rounds throughout the house to say good morning to everyone I can find. I then have my breakfast followed by my medicine. This is becoming a familiar routine and it isn’t so bad. I just don’t understand why people do not have the energy I have!

Another thing I have learned: I cannot sneak up on anyone. I have heard more than a few times, ‘Here comes Lula in her high heels.’ The cast needs to go.

Have a great day! I am sharing a photo of me on mom and dad’s bed.

Lula 11





Tallulah: Day 2

Last night I slept in a crate. I whimpered a little bit as I fell asleep but I closed my eyes and began snoozing within 10 minutes. My human foster sister slept next to me on her bed so I wouldn’t be scared.

I woke up at 4 am when my foster dad got home from work but I stayed in my kennel and rested comfortably until 6:30 am, and then I was up for the day! I had my medicine, ate my food and went out to do my business.

We took some more short walks today. I am going to be a fantastic walking companion once I am completely healed. I am very relaxed when I walk and I don’t pull, but I do tend move a little faster when I see or smell something that interests me. As I strolled by the other dogs in the neighborhood, I gave them a friendly bark and let them know that if I could break free from the leash, I would totally play and roll around in the grass with them. I think my foster mom would freak out if I tried to escape! We had a great time on our walk and I am happy my foster brother Buddy joined me.

Lula 10

My foster mom discovered that I actually talk. When I am lounging in my bed I will stretch or roll over and just chat away. I also do this when I am sleeping. This is a very charming part of my character. 🙂

I am beginning to settle in nicely. I am not fighting sleep as much and I discovered that the big couch is a great place to rest my sore leg and sweet little face (no, seriously, I am that cute!). I have more interest in my toys and food than I did yesterday and I am resting more in my bed than the floor when I am out of the kennel.

Following my dog foster brothers, I am great about letting my foster family know when I need to go potty. I am thoroughly enjoying my medications wrapped in cream cheese and roast beef. Mmmmm, sooooo good!

I do miss my furry friends at the shelter, especially that sweet old pug, but I am adjusting well in my new home. It is a busy place and we are all enjoying each other quite a bit.

Off to bed! Here are some more pictures from today!