My Christmas Wish

It has been so much fun getting ready for Santa to come. I love the bright lights and decorations, the smell of delicious food cooking and getting cozy by the fireplace. My favorite part was decorating the Christmas tree. As a excited as I was to want to take down almost every ornament I put up, I have been on my very best behavior. I am happy to sit on my bed and watch the lights twinkle on the tree without causing too much destruction. 😉

My foster mom helped me make my Christmas list. I told Santa that I have been a very good boy. It has been very cold so I asked for a new coat that goes all the way down to my tail. Sometimes, my skinny little legs start to shake when I am outside doing my business. I also asked for a few new toys, I love to play tug-o-war and chew stuffies. I also tend to be very particular about the treats I eat so a few of my favorites in my stocking would be fantastic.

It probably won’t surprise you that at the very top of my Christmas wish list is finding a family of my very own for Christmas. I just found out my wish came true. I will be in my home by Christmas Eve. Can you believe it?! I am going to have my very own family for Christmas. My foster mom told me that I had a family who wanted to adopt me and Dr. Nick said I was healthy enough and ready to join my new family. It’s happening! Will Santa know where to find me? Will I have fur brothers and sisters? Human brothers and sisters? A bed of my own? Eeeeek!

I am going to miss my foster family. We have had a lot of fun and some great adventures together. The best part was the snuggles.

My foster family said they are going to miss me a lot, too. It will be hard for all of us to say goodbye. There might even be a few tears. I promise that I will text, email and send pictures whenever I can. Maybe we can even meet up again at the dog park.

Thank you for the love, George xoxoxo

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