My Christmas Wish

It has been so much fun getting ready for Santa to come. I love the bright lights and decorations, the smell of delicious food cooking and getting cozy by the fireplace. My favorite part was decorating the Christmas tree. As a excited as I was to want to take down almost every ornament I put up, I have been on my very best behavior. I am happy to sit on my bed and watch the lights twinkle on the tree without causing too much destruction. 😉

My foster mom helped me make my Christmas list. I told Santa that I have been a very good boy. It has been very cold so I asked for a new coat that goes all the way down to my tail. Sometimes, my skinny little legs start to shake when I am outside doing my business. I also asked for a few new toys, I love to play tug-o-war and chew stuffies. I also tend to be very particular about the treats I eat so a few of my favorites in my stocking would be fantastic.

It probably won’t surprise you that at the very top of my Christmas wish list is finding a family of my very own for Christmas. I just found out my wish came true. I will be in my home by Christmas Eve. Can you believe it?! I am going to have my very own family for Christmas. My foster mom told me that I had a family who wanted to adopt me and Dr. Nick said I was healthy enough and ready to join my new family. It’s happening! Will Santa know where to find me? Will I have fur brothers and sisters? Human brothers and sisters? A bed of my own? Eeeeek!

I am going to miss my foster family. We have had a lot of fun and some great adventures together. The best part was the snuggles.

My foster family said they are going to miss me a lot, too. It will be hard for all of us to say goodbye. There might even be a few tears. I promise that I will text, email and send pictures whenever I can. Maybe we can even meet up again at the dog park.

Thank you for the love, George xoxoxo

Big news!

Does anything look different?

Check out my right leg (my right, your left). Do you notice anything? I got my cast off! If you look closely you can see how nicely my incision is healing. That is one sexy leg if I do say so myself!

In addition to getting my cast off I received some very exciting news. I have been healing so well that I am going to be up for adoption very, very soon! Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it myself. My foster family seemed to be sad that I could be leaving so quickly but they told me that they would help me pick the perfect family and that I could visit any time.

Maybe it was all of the excitement but I did have a bit of a naughty moment today. My foster mom has noticed that many of the Christmas decorations on the window sills have been relocated to the floor on multiple occasions over the past few days. One of the snowmen even had their buttons chewed off. Champ was spoken to one night and he almost had to go into a time-out because they thought he may have been the culprit. Buddy was next up on the list. My foster family asked him if he was responsible for the demise of the soft, fluffy reindeer that sat upon the window in the family room. Buddy sat silent with a sweet look on his face that indicated there was no way it was him.

I can’t hide from the truth anymore. It was me! I couldn’t help myself! Those soft, fluffy Christmas decorations are just so cute and I know they needed a friend. I had to protect them and keep them safe!

If you are interested in adopting me or one of my friends you can find more information here.

Sending you lots of hugs and kisses, George xoxoxoxoxox

Little George

Wow! I am feeling so much better. I recently spent some time at the Animal Welfare Society after having surgery to repair my broken leg. Once I was well enough to be cared for outside of the clinic, I moved into my foster home where I will be for the next eight weeks. What do you think of my cool green cast they gave me?

Now that I have been with my foster family a few days I can tell they are already impressed by my charm and physical aptitude. Although I am only eight months old, nine pounds of pure muscle and down one leg, I leaped onto the coffee table with the speed and agility of a cheetah. I could smell food on the table and I just had to have some. To my surprise, it wasn’t a piece of juicy steak I was salivating over, but instead a bowl of soggy Cheerios. As I was slurping the bowl of sugary milk I could hear, “Nooooooo!” I was caught red handed and there was nothing I could do. The bowl was swiftly taken away and I was put onto my bed with milk still dripping from my whiskers.

I don’t always like to reveal my softer side, especially where we are just starting to get to know each other, but I love to cuddle. If I could spend my entire day cuddling that would be a dream. Even when I am unable to have cuddle time with my humans I am happy to follow them around to let them know that I will always be by their side if they need me.

Even though I am crate trained and I do well in my crate, my very most favorite place to be at night is with the people I love. I don’t just mean on the bed, I mean in the bed. Once you are asleep, I will actually lift up the covers with my nose to get under the blankets and sheets. It is warm, cozy and takes away the cold winter chill.

All of this talk about going to bedtime is making me sleepy. I am going to brush and floss my teeth before I go to sleep. Have a great night!

Hugs and kisses, George xoxoxoxo