The Lake Life

Nothing can compare to spending time at the lake during the warm Maine summers. The sunrises and sunsets, with their bright pinks and fiery oranges are some of the most mesmerizing you will ever see. When the night is quiet, the tremolo calls of the loons will echo across the lake and lull me to sleep. 

In addition to developing a deep appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding me, life on the lake has also helped me to develop my swimming skills. My doggie paddle is so fast now it can beat any other dog on the water.

Boating is another favorite outdoor activity of mine. I find it so relaxing to feel the breeze running through my fur and the warm sun on my face. The rocking of the boat sometimes puts me to sleep. I am really good about wearing my life preserver just in case I unexpectedly go overboard.

After a busy day on the lake I am always looking for my favorite snack. Cheese! Just thinking about cheese makes my mouth water. It is tough to get any cheese in my house because eating cheese can cause my blood sugars to get a little crazy. If I want cheese I have to work hard for it. I first start by getting into all of the recyclable bottles. I will run around with bottles and make my foster parents chase me in hopes they will trade me a piece of cheese for the bottles. It is a super fun game. Ayla and Chandler chase me around the house saying, “Stop it Penny!” What are you doing, Penny?!” Put that back, Penny!” I sometimes think my foster parents have more fun than me! If Ayla and Chandler don’t give a piece of cheese by the time all of the bottles are back where they belong, that means they still want to play. I run into the kitchen and quickly grab my food bowl. I swiftly toss it up in the air and all around the house making as much noise as I can. Within a minute the refrigerator door opens. And there it is; the unmistakable sound of a cheese wrapper. Looks like I am the champion again! I am so lucky that Ayla and Chandler like to play fun games with me where the prize is always cheese.

Want to see me in action? Here is a video of me and my foster mom, Ayla that was on the channel 8 news!

Hugs and kisses, Penny

Could I be your lucky Penny?

My name is Penny. I am just about to celebrate my 2nd birthday next month. Not to brag, but it is quite possible that I am the most fun loving dog you will ever meet. Lucky for you, I am on a mission to find my perfect forever home.

As you can see, I am very, very cute.


I love the outdoors.


I always sneak in cuddles when I can (especially in matching pajamas!).


And occasionally, and always in moderation,  I  like to sniff (and lick) a great bottle of wine.


Let’s cut to the chase. I do have a uniqueness to me that sets me apart from my other canine friends that you cannot see in pictures.  For starters, I have been in foster care for almost my entire life. When I was born, things seemed pretty normal. At three (3) months old, I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was at this point I was brought to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk and then placed with my foster family while we worked to get my insulin and blood sugars under control. Learning to manage this autoimmune disease took a long time and it was hard work. Unfortunately, the diabetes also compromised the majority of my vision. Although that may sound terrible, it really isn’t. This is my normal. I have learned to overcome any challenge given to me and I won’t give up until the problem is solved!

Fortunately for me, I was placed in a foster home with a mom and dad who have continuously given me so much love and support that I am now thriving and ready for my new home. There are no words thank them enough for all of their love, patience, kindness and the exceptional care they have given to me to make me the young pup I am today. In spite of my challenges, I am a lucky girl.

Now, I should mention one other little caveat. Because my vision is so poor, I would not necessarily do well having other dogs or small children in my new home. As you can imagine, it can be scary and confusing not to be able to clearly see the environment around me.

So there you have it, I have completely and honestly bared my furry, four-legged soul to you. I will need a little bit of help from my human family but I am hoping that does not scare you. I truly am a fun-loving, active, easy going dog that has a lot of love to give. Did I mention that I am potty trained and can actually ring the doorbell when I need to go out? How about that I am crate trained? And…I have an amazing singing voice. Seriously. I just filled out my application for America’s Got Talent last week.

If you think that we are the perfect match, you can contact my agent here.

Until then, please follow all of my adventures on here on my blog as I continue to search for my forever home. I am excited for this journey to begin!

Sending you lots of love,

Your lucky Penny  xoxoxox