Spoiler Alert! My Happy Ending Was Worth The Wait

I am so excited to let you all know, with tears in my big brown eyes, that I finally found my  forever home. My real forever home. Forever and ever, and ever. I still can’t believe it.

Since it has been a while since my last blog entry,  I wanted to briefly catch you up on all of the fun stuff that has been going on over the course of the past few months. I won’t bore you with all of the details but in a nutshell,  I had some visits with some great dog doctors, adjusted some of my medications a bit and I met my kindred spirit, Carlos (he is still up for adoption so don’t overlook this cool guy if you are looking for a four-legged friend!).

I  also have been spending some time chiseling my summer body with Roberta and the AWS team. The obstacle course is by far my favorite workout. Not to brag, but this picture will show you the speed and agility I have! Woot woot!


In February, Valentine’s Day seemed to sneak up on me quickly. It is not a traditional holiday for us dogs like is humans. Chocolate makes me sick and flowers make me sneeze. I actually could use  some new bling. A diamond collar, perhaps? I should have started dropping some hints to Carlos sooner….

As I continued to daydream about some Valentine’s Day sparkle, Cupid somehow struck me with his arrow when I least expected it;  I never saw it coming. I found a fur-ever home. I know what you are thinking. A dog who has lived in multiple homes breaks a leg, moves to foster care and then back to AWS only to get adopted on Valentine’s Day sounds a bit like a Hallmark movie; or at the very least, a bit cliché.  The craziest part is that it is all true. And it is all thanks to the AWS team and my new fur-ever mom, Nancy.

Nancy is seriously the best dog mom ever! She will even color coordinate my outfits for me to make sure I am looking my best.  I even overheard her saying she might take me for a paw-dicure soon! Nancy is patient, kind and understands my little quirks. There is no shortage of love in my new home.

Nancy and I have been together almost a month and we are settling in splendidly. I wake up everyday feeling comfortable and happy.  I am a lucky dog for sure!  I am hoping that Nancy might take me back to the Saco Scoop where I can get my favorite vanilla ice cream at the dog walk-up window. After all, I was the dog of the week there this past summer. I am so looking forward to  ice cream season again!

If I am being honest, I have had quite the journey finding my fur-ever home. I had overwhelming moments of heartfelt joy and comfort. At other times I felt like I was drowning in anxiety and deep despair.  I also remember days when I was too scared to feel anything at all.  Slowly but surely, with  the help of some of my human and dog  friends, I was on my way to being the best version of me possible.

It is important for me to tell you that each experience, with each of you, helped me to become the canine I am proud to be today. I cannot thank you for seeing my kind heart and sharing a part of your life with me. I received so much of your time and love which makes me forever grateful. I promise to make you proud.

I have to go now. Nancy and I have lots of fun things to do today. I am going to miss you a lot and sharing my story.  I may be keep  able to give you an update from time to time but with the beach weather coming up I can’t make any promises. 😉 Make sure you keep a treat in your pocket because you never know when we will run into each other again.

Hugs and kisses from my new home,

Tallullah xoxoxoxox