I have FOUR legs again!

Do you notice anything different? Check out my front right leg.  My cast is finally off after 12 very long weeks. I can hardly believe it myself! I do have a few small sores on my leg but those are healing quickly .


I was very nervous to walk on my newly freed leg.  I had not used that leg in such a long time.  The thought of stepping down on that leg again when it used to be so painful was scary.  I decided to be brave. Slowly but surely, I got brave and started putting my leg down. First I would test it out when I was standing (it still works!)  and then when I was walking and running. I did it! My leg still feels a little stiff but it is getting stronger everyday.

Speaking of scary, I had no idea that small humans (and apparently dogs, too) get dressed up and go door to door in search of sweet candy treats.  I am not sure what was scarier, the costumes I saw coming to the door and running around the neighborhood or the fact I was stuffed into a Santa Claus costume. Last I remembered Santa Clause did not have long ears, four legs and was not covered in fur. I am fairly certain I would have made a better reindeer.


Buddy has it worse. They made him go as a pirate.


We are both in the Halloween spirit although this was not exactly a choice of our own.


After all of this monkey business, we didn’t even get to go Trick or Treating for dog treats. Instead, we watched our candy bowl go in and out of the door over and over again and all we heard was “No. Don’t touch. Not for you. No one wants your drool on the candy.” There was also the added stress of every knock on the door. No one looked familiar in their costumes making it difficult to know if they were friend or foe.

I have never been so scared in my entire life until I saw this costume right here in the picture below. Look right in the middle of the picture. The one that kind of looks like a tall rabbit; but not really. I am not exactly sure why that bear (Ted I believe his name is) would be hugging him. Or why that skinny green guy next to him is smiling. I will tell you a secret but it is a little embarrassing to you can’t tell anyone. Promise?


When I first saw that very scary, vicious 6’2″ rabbit I ran into a corner and peed on the floor. I couldn’t hardly believe it myself. I was horrified. Thankfully Brady quickly took his ugly mask off and I realized it was him. I am not sure that Halloween is the holiday for me. Maybe we can skip that one next year?

Hugs and kisses,  Tallulah xoxoxoxox

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