Catching Up

Today is the first day of fall. Dr. Nick even gave me a yellow Happy Fall cast this week with a pumpkin and leaves to celebrate. You won’t be able to see the leaves on my cast because I helped to pull them off already. They were just so pretty I couldn’t help myself.


I noticed the leaves on the trees have already started changing their colors and the temperatures have been much cooler during the evenings.  I go to sleep every night on the bed with my mom, dad and my brother, Buddy. By morning, I am cuddled up tightly to someone nearest to me because I love to be toasty warm. When my mom gets out of bed in the morning she takes the blanket and tucks me in tightly. Sometimes I will even squeeze my head under the blanket because it is just so cozy.

With summer rapidly changing to fall I have noticed that I have changed a little bit, too.

As you already know, I love to go for walks and I enjoy barking at just about anything that moves with every step I take; especially other dogs and people. I am proud to say that I have grown a little bit. Now when I walk, I can see another dog, quickly say hello and walk right by. I avoid wanting to run right over and getting into their personal space. I am doing so much better using my gentle leader than regular collar. It helps to keep me focused and more relaxed. I also got some extra help and support when I visited Roberta and Kim at AWS last week. They are fantastic trainers and I really enjoy hanging out with them! They always give me great advice that I work hard to follow. Slowly but surely I am making so great progress that both Roberta and Kim noticed. Yay me! Mom even told me that she is going to take me to the dog park because I have been doing such a great job!

I started having a few accidents in the house a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure I understood that when I went outside I was actually supposed to always do my business. I would go out and have my play time and forget to do my business so I thought the dining room would be a great place to go. That didn’t work out so well. Now when I hear someone say, “Want to go out?” I do my business first and then play. If I am in the house and I need to go outside I will stand by the back door and bark or I will start talking (you can see what that looks like below) to someone to let them know. There are many times that I just talk to have conversation. It is my very most favorite way to communicate and definitely part of my charm. Want to see me strike up a conversation? Check it out here. 

Another positive change is that I have become very comfortable in my kennel. I don’t get anxious anymore or try to pull things in my crate to chew on. I am only in my kennel when I am home alone or unless I choose to go in on my own. I am doing awesome! I usually sleep or chew on my marrow bone that gets filled with cheese or peanut butter when I am in my kennel. Side note, I love marrow bones!  They keep me busy and they taste so good! Now, there are some occasions when I will go into one of the bedrooms on the second floor so I can watch, and bark, at everything that goes on outside. Admittedly, I can get carried away. If I see mom come up in the middle of my barking fit, I jump off the bed and walk into my kennel all by myself. Mom does not have to say a word. When mom leaves I walk back out of the kennel on my own much less enthusiastic about barking.

I still bark and get excited when people come to the door and that might not change. How do I know that person (or people) is not a threat to my family?! I am also good at taking cues from my 4 legged brothers. If I hear them start to bark I will follow them to make sure they are safe and they don’t need my help. No one seems to mind if I bark for that reason. I am also a little leery of people who wear baseball hats. My brother came in with one on the other day and it made me nervous until he took it off. Once I was sure it was him, I was fine.

If you have been following my blog, you may notice that I am a few pounds heavier. My belly is definitely a little rounder and my body a wee be bigger. No need for doggie Weight Watchers just yet.  Remember,  I can only take short walks with this broken leg and it’s not my fault I enjoy food so much. Mom caught me sneaking the left over food out of my brother’s bowl so now she always watches us eat. She doesn’t think I notice but I sure do. We both know that when Buddy stops eating that one of us is going to get to that bowl faster than the other. Most of the time mom swoops in as fast as lightening to gets that bowl quickly off the floor. Dang.  It has became our game. The other night Champ jumped on the counter (he is bigger than me and Buddy) on got an entire cooked chicken, bones and all. Holy cow. It was amazing. I am disappointed he didn’t share but his moves were awe inspiring.  I didn’t tattle on Champ but I knew he was in trouble when I heard dad say, “Where did the chicken go?” The dish on the floor gave him away. Buddy and I were minding our own business  (we really were!)  in the family room and Champ was sitting in the kitchen like he had no clue what was going on. Yeah, right. I am so glad I wasn’t involved in stealing an entire chicken. Never mind the fact that my stomach would probably feel pretty sick. Champ has a stomach of steel. I was watched him rip apart a red rubber toy and I swear he had ingested half of it. He was completely fine; except for red, rubbery poop in the yard. Gross.

Another exciting change, I may be getting my cast off for good in two weeks. Woo hoo! I am hoping that everything continues to heal properly so I can get this thing off my leg. Sometimes I like to chew on it, right through the sock.

I also wanted to share that I have met some potential families in the running to become my forever home. I even have an appointment at 3p today. I will be on my very best behavior. I am going to ask mom to brush me and wash me so I look and smell pretty. I am also going to demonstrate my exceptional manners.

On October 5th I will celebrate my 3rd birthday. Do you think I will  be fortunate enough to get a forever home for my birthday? What an exciting possibility! Oh goodness!!

There are so many wonderful and exciting things happening. I am learning, healing and a few steps closer to finding my forever home.

I don’t have to dream anymore. My reality is not far away.


Hugs and kisses, Tallulah  xoxoxox

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