Summer Turns to Fall

Despite the hot and humid weather outside it is almost officially fall. The sun is going down earlier. The leaves are starting to change color and nights are cooler. It also means the beginning of football season. Football seems to be a really big deal in my house which is making it exciting for me, too.

My foster family is from the Boston area so naturally they are fans of the New England Patriots. I have been watching enough Sports Center that I am convinced I could help coach the team. One football fact that I learned today is that the New England  Patriots became Super Bowl Champions in 2001 for the  first time ever. Wow. The underdogs got it done!

As much as my foster family loves the Patriots, they love Thornton Academy football even more. Thornton Academy is the high school here in Saco, Maine where my older foster brothers graduated from in 2012 and my other two siblings are still attending. Cody and Kyle were both defensive backs on TAs football team from the beginning of their high school career until their graduation. Brady is a junior this year and has been the kicker on TAs football team since his freshman year. This kid loves kicking.  Even with four legs and I couldn’t kick as much as he does.  Brady told me that when he was 10 years old Santa Claus gave him field goal post made and put it up in the yard.  My family provided photographic evidence that he kicked throughout all four seasons until his leg got so strong he had the distance to hit cars on the street just through the wood line. He  would actually snow blow the lawn in the dead of winter in freezing cold weather so he could kick.  I promise not to pee on the goal post anymore. Sorry, Brady.


Look at him now.


I am now officially a fan myself! Go TA!



Let’s go Thornton Academy! Bring home the state championship! I don’ think I want to leave my foster family until football season is over, it is too exciting!  Look for me on TA TV!

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah  xoxoxox





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