I don’t mean to brag…

I saved my family from a rabid hedgehog today. I ripped out each eye and severed part of its nose so quickly I was able to neutralize the threat in less than 10 seconds. I then yanked out some hair and then ripped out some stuffing. Stuffing?! Oh no what did I do?!


It looks like a hedgehog and feels like my toys and you mean to tell me this is a slipper?! Come on!  I swear on a stack of Bark magazines that I had no idea. There was not the slightest odor of athlete’s foot that I could detect. This is more like of a setup if you ask me. I am going to try and use the art of distraction before mom and dad get home. I am going to put my toys away, make my bed and have a glass of wine waiting by the door when mom gets home. I am pretty sure the kids will cover for me, too. Cross your paws for me!

I may not have been able to recognize an immediate threat from a slipper, but I do have a very cool furry, four-legged dog aunt named Lexi who can help me so I don’t make that same mistake again.

Lexi is a 2.5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who lives with my foster grandparents. She has to be the most well trained dog that I know. Lexi can do the ordinary sit, stay and rollover but she can also do things like sit pretty, jump through hula hoops and spin around. She is also beginning to work on ‘freestyle’ which is kind of like a dance routine for dogs. I am still working on stay and fetch.

Watching this canine freestyle video gave me a lot of encouragement to step up my game. Challenge accepted.

One of the reasons that Lexi has such a strong skillset is because she is going to become a certified therapy dog through the Pets and People Foundation. The therapy dog program is really tough but Lexi passed all phases of her testing (over a period of a few months) with flying colors! Congratulations, Lexi! She will be fully certified once she completes her 10 therapy designated visits.

In order for Lexi to meet her 10 required therapy visits to become fully certified, Lexi is going the library a few times a month to hear stories that are read to her by elementary school kiddos. Lexi gets to snuggle up to her reader and the kiddos get to improve their reading skills in a really fun way. Did you book your appointment yet?

Lula 40Here is my foster grandma (Mema) and Lexi at the library.

Lula 39

Lexi is also certified as Canine Good Citizen which is the absolute gold standard for behavior in dogs. Clearly we are from the same family (and I am certain she also ate her fair share of window screens and slippers!). She even gets a red vest to show how hard she worked.

Lula 42

Lexi is pretty awesome. I am hoping she is going to share some of her tips on learning new tricks with me. If Lexi helps me, I can show her my trick of getting food off of the counter when no one is looking. Cinnamon rolls are the best. I try to get those when they are warm!

If you would like to learn more about the differences between emotional support dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs, click here. 

Hugs and kisses, Tallulah xoxoxox

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