Tallulah: Good news!

Monday morning I went to the Animal Welfare Society Community Veterinary Clinic to see how my leg was healing. During my visit, I had an X-ray and a new cast put on under sedation. My pink and glitter cast has now been replaced by an awesome purple All-Star cast.  I love it!  I am going to see if I can get some people to sign it for me! The best part of the visit for me was to hear that my fractures are healing well. My weekly cast changes have been extended to every two weeks. Woo hoo! I came home to celebrate with a big, delicious bone once I was more awake and was not drooling anymore.

Lula 33

I have been out and about going to different places and meeting new people. My twin brothers even took me to see mom at work. I got to go for a nice car ride into Portland sniffing out the window the entire way. I met some really nice people and dogs, too! I heard lots of different noises; sirens, big construction trucks and even the Life Flight helicopters. I really enjoyed my visit. The only thing I missed out on were treats. Mom doesn’t always keep them in her purse.

Here is a picture of me visiting mom with my brothers.

Lula 35

I find that I am doing really well at getting into a routine. I am becoming more familiar with my family’s schedules so I have an idea of when to expect them home so it is not has stressful and anxiety provoking as it used to be. I am not staring our the door or window for long periods and I don’t bark as much after people leave. Buddy is a great companion for me and he keeps me on track. I really do not like being by myself. I am really happy to have that pudgy, 13 year old ball of fur with me everyday. I probably should stop stealing the bones he hides in the couch, closet and laundry room and then chewing them up before he finds me. Thank you, Buddy for being such a great friend even when I eat your food and try to pee on you outside.


I have had a fun and relaxing week. The only thing I am not crazy about are rainy days. I almost have to be dragged out of the house to do my business; literally!

Please don’t forget that the annual AWS Strut your Mutt is being held on Sunday, September 9th.

All of the funds raised from this event go toward veterinary care for dogs like me. Pretty cool. Buddy and I will be both be participating and we hope to see you and your dog(s) there, too! Word on the street is that Blake and Eva from Coast 93.1 will also be hanging out with us all morning while they broadcast their show live. Sweet! What could be better than that?!

I want to send out a big thank you for following my blog and cheering me on as I continue to search for my forever home. I love it when mom reads me your messages.

Have a great night everyone! Love, Tallulah xoxoxo

Lula 31

2 thoughts on “Tallulah: Good news!

  1. I am always excited to read about Tallulah. I am glad she is feeling better. We just lost our beagle. We are interested in adopting her once she is recovered. She would make a great addition to our family and would have a new lab sister named Abby. Hopefully we can meet her someday. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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    1. Hi Angela!

      We are so sorry to hear about your beagle. Losing a pet is terribly difficult and painful.

      Tallulah is a very sweet girl and we are sure she will thrive in the right home. It is truly exciting to be able to watch her progress everyday.

      We are so happy you are enjoying her blog! Tallulah enjoys sharing her stories and looks forward to reading the comments and answering any questions people have.

      We will send you an email with information regarding meeting her and potential adoption. Thank you so much for reaching out! 💕🐾 Tallulah and her Foster Family


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