Tallulah: Ice Cream!

I had such an awesome day today! When mom got home from work she told Buddy and I to get into the car because she had a surprise for us. We jumped in, rolled down the windows and off we went. I stuck my face out the window and enjoyed the breeze on my face. As we slowed for a red light, there was a couple on a motorcycle in the lane next to us. I decided to say hello with a few deep barks. The lady riding on the back of the motorcycle got scared and jumped – a lot. I was in trouble. After a few words of wisdom from mom like, “No! Don’t do that!” and “Have some manners!” the light turned green and we were off again.

When we reached our destination, Buddy and I jumped out of the car, attached to our leashes. As we got a little closer, this is what I saw:

Lula 19

Ice cream? Walk up window? OMG!! Is this for real? Am I dreaming?

I ran to the window to order, broken leg and all. Buddy is apparently familiar with ordering ice cream because he was practically through the window before I even got there.

Lula 22

Buddy and I placed our orders of vanilla ice cream with a crunchy dog biscuit on top. I barked a few times which was the cue to hurry it up.

Lula 21

A little faster please. Do I need to come in there and make it myself?! My belly is waiting…

Lula 25

It seemed like forever before the dish of deliciousness came out of the window. Finally. Heaven.

Lula 23

Every single bite was amazing. While I was inhaling this sweet treat I realized that I was unfamiliar will some of the noises I was hearing. There was a lot of traffic on the main road with horns beeping, loud cars and motorcycles whizzing by. When I heard the sounds I wasn’t familiar with, I would pick up my entire dish and bring it to another spot on the grass. I couldn’t trust anyone not to steal it from me.

Watch Tallulah pick up her dish and run here!

I gave Buddy a little growl when he got too close to my ice cream. Personal space, little man. You have your own!

I would give The Saco Scoop and their team 5 stars if us dogs were allowed Yelp accounts (a wee bit ironic that dogs can’t have a Yelp account?).  Not  only does the Saco Scoop have great service, the grassy area with benches is perfect. They even have water dishes for us!

I think the AWS needs to get one of those canine vans to bring my friends down here. They would love it!

Today was definitely fun and memorable. I thought I was excited yesterday when I discovered the cherry tomato plant in the garden and ate almost every single small, juicy cherry tomato right off the branches. This was so much better.

Potential adoptive families take note: I love ice cream.

Lula 24

Hugs and kisses,  Tallulah

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