Tallulah: A Rainy Day

I woke up this morning to an overcast sky and rain quietly tapping on the window. I looked up at Calley and she was looking back at me. She reached down and opened my kennel and I slowly climbed onto her bed and snuggled into the blankets.

I am starting to get use to the bedtime and morning routine. When I hear, “Time to go to bed”, I go outside to do my business and then I go into my kennel. When I wake up, I am usually the first one to open my eyes in the morning. I lay there and sometimes chew on my blanket or toys until I hear footsteps. This is my cue to starting making noise to let them know I am awake, too.

When I go outside in the rain, I have to wear a water resistant bag over my cast so that it remains dry. This doesn’t really bother me too much; it is quick and I get treats. Sometimes my leg is a little bit sore when the sock that goes over my cast is changed. Mom does this every other day with Calley’s help. Calley keeps me occupied by talking to me and petting me. She also gives me a Denta Stick because it takes longer to chew which means there is enough time to take off the old sock and put on the new one. Thankfully, I also get my pain medicine before they change my sock. Hopefully these bones will heal soon so I can be done with all of it.

There was more napping than walking today because of the weather. Buddy and I napped on the couch together and Champ spent his time in the enclosed outdoor area. As soon as Champ came in I was excited to play! We gave each other our best play bows to communicate that we were ready to get into some shenanigans. We rolled around on the floor and chased each other around tables. I suddenly let out a brief yelp and Champ immediately backed away. Neither of us know exactly what happened. Champ is bigger  and much stronger. I was stunned but no injury to report.

I got to watch Animal Planet today and mom snuck me a small piece of chicken from the dinner table which was great. I am not sure why I don’t get to eat table food for every meal. When mom cooked the ground beef to make chop suey it smelled so good. I stood up with my front paws on the counter and started to lick the air. Not sure I got to taste much but it was worth it.

Today was a quiet day and likely the most relaxed I have been since coming into my foster home.

Click here for a video of two bulldogs that will make you smile.

That chicken was gooooood.

Lula 12



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