Tallulah: Uh Oh

I was a naughty dog today. Not just a little naughty; Tasmanian Devil naughty. I peed on the floor in the afternoon and I was afraid to confess. My foster parents looked at all three of us dogs and said, “Who did it?” None of us answered. They figured out very quickly it was me. My two furry foster brothers lift their leg when they pee and not only soak the floor, but they get the baseboard and walls wet, too. Since I am a girl I squat and pee.  I made a perfect puddle. Don’t I deserve some credit?

Now that I am getting comfortable in my surroundings, I need to protect my home and the people I live with. Today, I saw a squirrel and I barked. I saw the leaves blowing on the trees, I barked. I saw cars, I barked. All of these things could totally be a threat. I am not sure anyone appreciated it but me. One of the neighbors called to ask if the dogs were ok because they noticed an unusual amount of barking. This definitely coincides with my mom’s new word: shhhhhhh. She puts her index finger to her mouth and says, “Shhhhhhhhh. Lula, shhhhhhh. No barking.” What is that about? I am alerting them to what is going on. I am protecting them. My fur brothers know this too. When I start barking, they both start barking. It is awesome.

Later in the afternoon, my foster mom and human sister went to volunteer at the animal shelter and to pick up my medicine. Once they were done, they went to my foster grandparents house for dinner. The rest of my family went too, except for me. I got put in my kennel. I actually walked into the kennel myself, no hesitation. To my surprise,   the door closed and locked behind me. It isn’t bedtime. What is going on? OMG they are leaving me! Ten minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, then an hour passed. Where are these people?! Outside of my kennel was an Ariel comforter from The Little Mermaid. I grabbed a piece of the comforter and pulled part of it though the bars on the kennel and into the cage. I tore that thing to shreds! I couldn’t help myself. I was scared, alone and I needed something to keep me occupied. My mind was racing. What if they forget me? What if they don’t come back? What will happen if I need to do my business and I can’t get out? I was scared. What I didn’t know is that mom was worrying about me, too. She was afraid that I would eat my cast if I got bored which meant I could choke. I would also need to go back to the vet to be re-casted.  My mom left dinner early and came home to me. Of course I was fine, but Ariel was not. She was in pieces all over the floor. Uh oh, what is going to happen to me? Mom and my human sister hugged me and took me outside. They weren’t even that mad or surprised; just grateful I didn’t eat my cast.

Sorry, mom. It was a hard day. I believe you when you say it will get better. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Seriously though, aren’t I fitting in nicely?

Lula Champ Buddy

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