Tallulah: Day 2

Last night I slept in a crate. I whimpered a little bit as I fell asleep but I closed my eyes and began snoozing within 10 minutes. My human foster sister slept next to me on her bed so I wouldn’t be scared.

I woke up at 4 am when my foster dad got home from work but I stayed in my kennel and rested comfortably until 6:30 am, and then I was up for the day! I had my medicine, ate my food and went out to do my business.

We took some more short walks today. I am going to be a fantastic walking companion once I am completely healed. I am very relaxed when I walk and I don’t pull, but I do tend move a little faster when I see or smell something that interests me. As I strolled by the other dogs in the neighborhood, I gave them a friendly bark and let them know that if I could break free from the leash, I would totally play and roll around in the grass with them. I think my foster mom would freak out if I tried to escape! We had a great time on our walk and I am happy my foster brother Buddy joined me.

Lula 10

My foster mom discovered that I actually talk. When I am lounging in my bed I will stretch or roll over and just chat away. I also do this when I am sleeping. This is a very charming part of my character. 🙂

I am beginning to settle in nicely. I am not fighting sleep as much and I discovered that the big couch is a great place to rest my sore leg and sweet little face (no, seriously, I am that cute!). I have more interest in my toys and food than I did yesterday and I am resting more in my bed than the floor when I am out of the kennel.

Following my dog foster brothers, I am great about letting my foster family know when I need to go potty. I am thoroughly enjoying my medications wrapped in cream cheese and roast beef. Mmmmm, sooooo good!

I do miss my furry friends at the shelter, especially that sweet old pug, but I am adjusting well in my new home. It is a busy place and we are all enjoying each other quite a bit.

Off to bed! Here are some more pictures from today!


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